Production and quality control policy

S.A.T. Masiá Canós Hnos group is dedicated to the cultivation and production of citric fruits in the provinces of Tarragona and Castellón. We would also like to make it clear that we are a dynamic company with a great deal of experience and with the infrastructure capable of completely satisfying the needs of some of the largest and most demanding chains of distribution in Europe.

In Castellón and Tarragona, we are fortunate enough to have exceptional conditions for the cultivation of oranges and Clementine’s.

The natural, privileged conditions of the land belonging to S.A.T. Masi√° are the secret to the unbeatable quality of fruit that we can offer to our customers. The advantageous temperatures, humidity levels, long hours of sunlight and the composition of our rich soils, provide us with incomparable conditions for the growth of our fruit.

The evolution of our quality control policy and our obsession with doing our best, has led us to always bear in mind the importance of fulfilling all the latest quality control certificates of today, with the aim of fully guaranteeing the quality of our products.

Nowadays, S.A.T. Masi√° is certified under the agriculture system of good practise, EUREPGAP, to guarantee quality and environmental protection parameters. At present the production created by S.A.T. Masi√° is estimated to be around 10,500 tonnes, although its total export volume is over 16,000 tonnes. Of the latter 80% of the total consists of our main variety of Clementine‚Äôs, known as ‚Äúclemenules‚ÄĚ.

The success of our products is greatly owed to a group of professionals dedicated to each and every stage of production. The flowering period, growth and ripeness depend highly on each process which is carefully carried out by the technicians. This careful monitoring guarantees the best care for our product which at the same time helps us accomplish our objective, a first class product.